Upcoming Events and Workshops

BEALTAINE - Awakening the Fire within

A sacred celebration of the turning of the year at Willow and Lore. Aisling Fraser a Medium for Ancient Healing Transmissions from the Tuatha De Danann will be our guest for a weekend of deeply healing gatherings to celebrate our Ancient Culture and tradition.

10th & 11th April

Glenravel Intl Furnace Festival

From ore to object. Four days filled with workshops, demonstrations, tours, talks and events for all ages and interests. Central to this busy program of events, for the first time in over 100 years we will smelt and forge iron items from our very own Glenravel iron ore mines.

JUNE 6th to 9th


Join us for this amazing opportunity to reclaim your ancestral skills. An event to inspire the curious, induct the newcomer, light a fire under the amateur, provide a stage for the hobbyist, an audience for the professional and eager apprentices for the masters of the crafts.

JULY 20th & 21st

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