Welcome to Tenth Glen Heritage Farms

The area of Glenravel incorporating the villages of Cargan, Martinstown and Newtowncrommelin in the Antrim Hills, is affectionately known by its locals as the Tenth of the Nine Glens of Antrim. 

At Tenth Glen Heritage Farms we are creating a network of reimagined heritage properties that support resilient lives and land in Glenravel.

Our Farms

Tenth Glen Heritage Farms mission is to restore heritage properties and inspire others to celebrate the old ways and reimagine a sustainable future. By reviving heritage and creating opportunities for collaboration and connection we aim to build a living legacy that will continue to empower healthy and sustainable futures. 

This is a journey we are more than happy to share, so check out the links below to find out about our events and what is happening on our pilot farm, Willow and Lore.

Photo by Ivan Skinner &  CCF Project

Photo by Ivan Skinner &  CCF Project

Meitheal - Join in

Meitheal is a traditional Irish term for neighbours coming togther to help one in need, for example to save a crop. This one little word epitomises Tenth Glen Heritage Farms aims – a traditional farming method, community coming together and everyone benefitting. There are lots of ways to get involved from farm hand days to helping out behind the scenes at events, or simply buying our produce and supporting our cause. Click the link below to find out more and join our Meitheal.

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